Take me home please
Manze's, 105 Peckham High Street
Season 2015-2016

The Pie and Mash Brigade descended from on Rye to Peckham's Manze's for this late-in-the-season nosh-up. Our last official trip to SE15 was in October 2009 so this was a long overdue engagement. Since that time, the full circuit of the London Overground Railway has been installed, bringing accessibility and new-found prosperity to this once neglected corner of the Metropolis. It's now the centre of a profitable weaving industry – hair weaving, that is – and some longtime Peckhamsters have bemoaned the town's 'Hackneyfication'.

Rye Lane was pulsating as we made our way through the lunchtime crowds in the direction of the library and the noted eel and pie house just around the corner.

Brentford's representative was as luminous as ever.

Alexander Charalambous is filling out nicely – just like his dad.

Jason Sharp had a day off. With pressing jobs to attend in his house and grounds at Greenwich, I imagine it was the hardest working morning he'd put in for some time. So a pie and mash lunch was just the ticket. There he is over there, beyond the pail.

There was a momentary pause while we waited for a fresh shipment of pies to rise up from the nether regions of the shop. On the right, a trio of 'three and ones'. The picture represents an expenditure of £23.40 sterling [see above]. Some people couldn't wait to get their hands on them.

It's just a matter of time before Charalambous Junior is 'behind the wheel' with a platter of his own, but meanwhile his is a finger bowl of juicy tidbits from the master's plate.

The fare in delicious close-up. I captured these images using my special Mash-cro™ lens.

Once the recording was out of the way, we could start shovelling. Privilege was bestowed upon me by the company of my esteemed professional colleague, Sandra Margolies, now retired, of Telegraph Hill. But mystically, Sandra joined us by way of her involvement with a south London historical society – which also boasts the membership of Jean Cunliffe and Judith Deschamps [far right].

Doug Benford and Rich Lucas at goods in.

Lucas described these pies as 'rich', which is rich coming from him.

Mike Goldwater, seen here performing a delicate backflip. To complete the ritual, he will score the soft underside of the pie with his spoon and anoint the wounds with chilli vinegar.

It was another beefy showing for Terry-the-Moore-the-merrier. It looks certain to cement a top ten finish. Terry thought these pies were 'full bodied' – a bit like the lad himself.

On the other side of the marble, Steady Teddy Mosse is looking ever more sure of the top five at the season's end.

Three ladies lapping up the local history.

These days the club itself is something of an historical item. Its archives and somewhat indistinct anecdotal recollections have come under the scrutiny and analysis of fearsome fact flipper and date devourer, Mike Goldwater. Thanks to his determined efforts we now have an all-time scoreboard, a prototype of which was pored over after lunch.

It makes for surprising reading; for example, Benford could not believe he had only notched up 20 visits before this day.

[Right] The Manze Mood Board

Despite an impressive double shop front, Manze's is a compact premises in which it's not easy to avoid the antics and activities of the Pie and Mash Club. The distinctively clad dinner ladies eyed us with a certain amount of bemusement, whilst one diner was overheard saying, 'Some of us are trying to eat!'

[Below, left to right] The Manze's Team: Graham the pieman, Tanya, and Chloe and Beth

[Above] Peckham pavement assembly.

Our touristing around the town was enlivened and stimulated by a meeting with Rye Lane Market entrepreneur and proponent of people power, Mr Jahson Peat. Seen here brandishing a special cover edition of local rag 'The Peckham Peculiar', Jahson is embarking upon a bold vegan food venture come May. I'd give vegan pie and mash a try, wouldn't you?

One for the road in the Kentish Drovers.

Down the hatch, St@