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Heath Pie Shop, Dagenham
Season 2014-2015

The Pie and Mash Tourist Board sent a deputation deep into Dagenham's suburbs on the unusual day of Thursday, it being at the threshold of Easter weekend 2015.

The Heath Pie Shop, aka 'Mac's', stands on a short parade of five shops that faces out onto the massive intersection of the A1083 and A1112. Clement weather made pleasant the 15 minute walk from Chadwell Heath Station. As it happens, the shop stands no more than 2 miles from the scene of our previous adventure in Romford.


The multiple order of eels in their own juice momentarily threw the staff, but presently the stewy delicacies arrived in the correct format, as this close up shows. Those red splashes derive from the Club's own bottle of Morrison's Habanero Sauce – it ain't half hot.

Purists will baulk at chilli sauce with eels as much as mash dished up by scoop, but with the latter the flavour at least is uncompromised.

[Far right] That plate of steaming fantasy would open up the pores of the most weatherbeaten trawlerman.

A tsunami of mash bears down upon golden shores of pastry.

With their raised bevel and crimpen edges, the Heath Shop pies are modelled on very similar lines to those of McDowell's at Romford. A historical connection between the two shops was confirmed in conversation with the shop staff.

Mac's takes cosiness to new levels of confinement, but there was just about room for 5 diners and some large platters on the central eating pod.

Judith Deschamps has made an outstanding contribution to season 14-15, making maximum use of her senior's bus pass to overcome a limited walking range. What an inspiration.

Meanwhile Mosse mashes mercilessly into 5th position in the pie and mash league.

Christopher Charalambous comfortably consolidated his dominance of the league for the third consecutive year. The evidential photograph is purely for his own personal log – available on Facebook of course.

Although unavailable to play the last two scheduled matches of this term, his 290 from 8 looks set to seal the championship. Can your statistician pull 86 points from the last two? Unlikely.

A view of the heavily wooded interior of Mac's.

Get pie and mash delivered to your door between the hours of 12.30 and 8.00pm.

After the savouries we turned our attention to the dessert menu with its 4 permutations.

Uusually for him, Chris opted for just one. Eddie went for the hot one, but I think he forgot to blow on it first.

A hot dessert after pie and mash usually brings on a hot flush for Statto, while the Deschamps brow remains cool, dry and only gently furrowed by parallel lines of concentration and observation.

These shots give you an impression of the highly varnished decor. Note the splash tiles at the end of the wall tables.

This magnificent team made our journey most worthwhile: [left to right] Donna, Kieran and Paula.

As we bade them goodbye, Paula sat down to a well-earned lunch featuring an off-menu item. It's my belief that liquor and chips is a delicacy secretly enjoyed by thousands of people all over the far east suburbs.

Far right: the washing-up station is actually within the dining room.

Mac's has a real neighbourhood feel to it, and I got the feeling we were regarded as eccentric curios by the lunchtime regulars. Nevertheless the hospitality was good, and the fare notable. If you're driving through the area, finding a nearby parking space would not be a problem.

After lunch we enjoyed a jar in the spring sunshine at the Beacon Tree, where a well kept pint of IPA is made all the more enjoyable at £2.25.

To your good elf,