Take me home please
Kelly's, 526 Roman Road, E3
Season 2014-2015


A group of ten people from all walks of life assembled at a house of pies in the heart of the Eastend on 19th December last. The occasion – the traditional festive celebration of the Pie and Mash Club at Kelly's in Bow. The brilliant white dining room at 526 Roman Road was festooned appropriately – I suspect their bauble and bunting department is well stocked.

If you travel by underground/overground, the Roman Road locale is something of a hinterland – I opted for Hackney Wick and a pleasant 15-minute walk via Victoria Park in the winter sunshine.

Some of my colleagues were already ensconced and underway with their business, including league over-achiever Chris Charalambous, returned to the scene with fresh appetite after the birth of Alexander Thomas John Charalambous on 11.12.14. How long before the wee lad is sucking warm liquor from his Tommee Tippee?

It's a pair of 'cityzens', preparing themselves for an arduous midwinter premiership schedule. Potter persists in his casual look; Lucas abides by his everblack apparel, brightened by a classic 67-68 muffler.

Continuing in the football theme, we were most chuffed to welcome back the Mini-man, aka MikeTracy, on the occasion of his birthday. His get-up was pitched somewhere between Santa's Little Helper and Arsenal ballboy.

But as you already know, the Pie and Mash Club welcomes all-comers regardless of footbal fraternity, personal persuasion or particular peccadillo.

Glass eel.

Stewed eel.

I was so hungry I forgot to turn my pies over – schoolboy.

Sue Madigan's bag of mistletoe certainly enlivened the proceedings.

Our hostess, the lovely Leanne, is here seen putting some romance into the Roman Road.


On the back table, this lady was introducing her colleagues to the noble nosh. Those two fellas on the far right look undecided – but that's alright, even I didn't like it at first, and now look at me.

Roobarb and Custard.

The metal bars complete the football terrace look.

The star of the occasion was the Kelly Mince Pie. At 50p each, these diminutive pastries would melt the heart of the most miserly Scrooge. We made the executive decision that they constituted a half-dessert.

There's Mike G celebrating the demolition of 4 mince pies, and thereby completion of a classic 'Naoh's Ark'. This 28-point double portion of everything edges him ever closer to second spot in the league.


Rikk's sporting a box of ear defenders, but why . . . ?

. . . O yea, it's become a tradition to give street and shop the benefit of Mike G's *special* pie-themed carols. It was a moment of tear-jerking neuralgia/nostalgia. Jean's cigarette was on standby for the rousing three-song performance.



Our mashion complete, we headed to the Coborn Arms for further festive frivolity.

Merry Christmash and a Happy New Eel 2015 from the Pie and Mash Club.