Take me home please
Manze's, Chapel Market, Islington N1
Season 2014-2015

It's Round 1 of the twenty-first season of the Pie and Mash League. Ben X. Hayes seized the chance to incorporate nourishing scran in top notch company with important work deliveries. There's opportunistic flair for you.

Doug Benford – he of yellow tee and luminescent back pack – arranged a meeting with his good friend Katharine Schopflin to effect her introduction to the legendary scoff of pearly kings and queens.

A glimpse through the wide sash of number 74, Chapel Street.

Manze's menuboard as of 26th September 2014.

Fair foodstuff of the gods.

If anyone could lay legitimate claim to the title 'Legend in His Own Lunchtime', then it is Christopher Olympous Charalambous. I caught him about to embark upon the second instalment of a 6-4-2. Modest and understated, just like the man himself.

So gobsmacked was I to encounter this vision of shimmering pinstripe that I had a momentary memory-fart. How could I? It's Ron Cox, the Mister Big of Risk, last seen on the marble tops nearly four years ago. In an awesome display of efficiency, Ron coolly deposited a 4-2-2 before hailing a carriage back to the financial palaces of EC1.

There was a vibrant blend of seasoned personalities sprinkled about the high backed booths, including the ever-crisply attired Andy Potter and maverick northern accountant Paul Grice, both seen here tooling up with the requisite condiments. Chilli vinegar was popular.

Katharine Schopflin, still finding her pie and mash legs, said she 'enjoyed the company'. The library professional's debut, a confident 2-1-1, might best be described as a 'standard reference work'.


Eduardo Mosse and Sue Madigan – the day's underachievers.

Pals Judith Deschamps and Jean Cunliffe have been welcome regulars on the scene this year. Despite a recent gardening injury, Jean was more than able to turn over a couple of fresh pies.

Sabrina Bordin administers a few drops of the chilli tincture with the deft assurance of a recently qualified practitioner of Western Herbal Medicine.

Denise Rouse looked like the cat that got the cream. Well, she did scoff the last available portion of jellied eels in the shop – my hot sauce didn't even make it out of the holster.

With Statto's flash going off port, starboard and midships, these ladies must have thought they'd arrived in a parallel celebrity universe. Well they had, really. Sue Madigan effected the necessary explanations and introductions; it transpired that the Club's meeting coincided with a heartwarming family gathering of three generations.

Seen here with Sue is longstanding telly favourite, Lacy Turner. On the other side of the marble were gran Sylvia and mum Beverly.

Lacy's sister Daisy [right] was due to fly back to the far East the very next day; Manze's provided the perfect backdrop for a bit of quality time together.

Towards the aft of the shop another pie and mash club were effervescing after lunch.

A capable staff of four delivered, dished, dispatched and did the dirties. Tim the Pieman was master and commander.

Market forces.


Beverages were overseen by The Island Queen.