Take me home please
Kelly's, Roman Road, Bow
Season 2013-2014

The closure of Clark's Pie Shop earlier in 2013 had profound repercussions in the world of Pie and Mash – notably in the relocation of the Christmas meeting of the Pie and Mash Club. For so many years the cosy cobbles of Clerkenwell had resounded to the footfall of festive pie and mashers, so choosing a suitable alternative was a matter of deliberation.

We knew that the people at Kelly's could handle bunting [see report from 2012], so it seemed a natural for our Yuletide get-together. Bountiful baubles and advent adornments greeted us as we crossed the threshold.

Mike G manfully tucked into the stewed starter, his parsley-green knitwear the perfect sartorial accompaniment.

Dapper Prestonian Paul Grice was on hand to lend a splash of dry Northern wit to the proceedings. Despite four years with the Pie and Mash Club and an 8th place finish in Season 10-11, he has yet to become an homme serieux of the Pie and Mash League.

Delicate mini-steaks with a vibrant herbal accompaniment . . .
. . . they really are an appetiser to be reckoned with.

Leanne it was who scooped, scraped and served up our generously proportioned platters.

Pomme de terre serieuse.

"It doesn't even look like pie and mash – it looks like something really delicious." [Anonymous Italian quote]

Meet a recent correspondent of the Club, Peter Rolfe, here tucking into the portion of an enthusiast. Peter recently tipped us off to the second 'Something Fishy' in downtown Downham SE6.

At this stage Peter was blissfully unaware of the musical delights in store.

In the arena of tile and marble, both Potter and Lucas are hommes serieux et notables.

Judith Deschamps was preparing herself for a festive fortnight of frivolity.

What you see here is a mighty weapon in the arsenal of a man about town – the disco pen. It's the standard Bic ballpoint, but specially shortened for ease of use on a cramped dancefloor.

It looked cramped inside Eddie's gob.

By contrast Susan Madigan was a picture of relaxed repast.

Mise en scène.

The tiled walls of Kelly's were soon reverberating to the tinselled tones of the Pie and Mash Carollers:

'Deck the Pies with Fillings of Mincemeat

'Dashing through the mash
In a one horse open mouth
Over the liquor we go
Eating all the way.'

Our gracious host Sue Vening was a tad critical of our choral tributes, but there's no doubt we raised the festive spirit level in Kelly's.

Feast your mince pies on that . . .

No morsel escaped the relentless scrape of Lucas's cutlery. Our pristine platters were proprietress-pleasers.

Leanne punched out, and soon after we were posing on the pavement for the post-prandial photocall. There was another round of carolling – we let the Roman Road have it.

After a ten minute stroll, the gang reassembled in the Morgan Arms for a tipple. Beer was duly spilt.

Roman Road is reachable via a picturesque canalside walk from Hackney Wick Overground station. You should try it.