Season 2013-2014F.COOKE; 9 Broadway Market, London Fields
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Fanta's not the only thing that's rocketed in price on Broadway Market since we last visited in November '10. A cosy thoroughfare choc-full of chic coffee houses and chi-chi boutiques reflects the soaring value of real estate in this once working-class neighbourhood. There's even a wild flower area in London Fields and the public bogs have reopened!

New face Dominic Stinton — a film-making fellow of Mike G. — joined us for the urban picturesque. Perhaps he was collecting sound effects for their new movie? And Ben X. Hayes cycled up from Clerkenwell to help us kick off Season 13-14.

At large on the Broadway was an active member of the Hackney Silver Surfers. Brian Catchpole joined them under the impression he was going to acquire Marvel-esque superpowers: how about Incredible Bulk and the Agents of M.A.S.H? The Elverine? Pie-derman? I thought he looked a bit 'Breaking Bad' myself.

It was a great pleasure to see Denise Rouse at the start of a new season with her pocket book at the ready. Just as well with a one, one and one heading towards the five pound mark.

I was cheek-by-jowl with Big Al, who had just come up on the Regent's Canal. The waterside walk proved to be the perfect appetiser.

Gobshots courtesy of Mike Goldwater.

Dominic Stinton had his headphones within easy reach in case the conversation took a turn for the worse. I have yet to see someone taking a 'cans-on' approach to Pie and Mash — my preferred soundtrack is convivial banter and the gentle echo of cutlery and crockery. What's yours?

The marble tops and tiled acoustics would be the perfect resonant setting for a salty sea shanty with Brian Catchpole, seen here handling the Vinney's with aplomb.

Edward Mosse is top of my list for a recreation of that famous shot.

Denise Rouse enjoys the moment.

Is there anywhere liquor greener? Cooke's broth is the liquid version of a well-tended English lawn.

Time stands still for the Pie and Mash Club.

This piece, rescued from F. Cooke's old premises at 41 Kingsland High Street, ticked its last tock at 11 minutes past 9. Which 'chimes' with that other famous chronometer, the celebrated Clark's Clock, forever set at 11 past 2, and of course our traditional meeting time of 11 past 1.

Even men of commerce have time to pause for a picture.

Creating a buzz all their own: this is what Pie and Mash looks like through a Cinemashcope lens.

A frank exchange of views in the rear pews.

A quiet moment offered up the perfect opportunity for bit of impromptu flower arrangement.

The floury young chap on the far right is John of Islington, taking the briefest break from the roaring pie furnaces at the rear of the shop.

Scenes off and on Broadway.

Mister Pie, Mister Mash, Mister Liquor and Mister Eels.

Post-pie pints in The Pub on the Park. To your good health.