Season 2012-2013CLARK'S; 46 Exmouth Market, Finsbury
(4 pts)
(4 pts)
(3 pts)
(2 pts)
(1 pts)
NICK EVANS 1131012020
ANDY POTTER1022011515
BEN HAYES 1021011212
DAVID PEAD1021011212
EDWARD MOSSE1111011212
MIKE MILLARD1021011212
PETER MOORE1021011212
PAUL GRICE 1012011111

The summer-that-never-was was firmly laid to rest at number 46 Exmouth Market on September 21st 2012 as the P-n-M Club ushered in a new season of mince and mellow mashfulness. At the customary hour of 13.11, a choice selection of cheery physogs swelled the queue for Clark's in anticipation of the heartwarming vittles to be had on these hallowed premises.

Seen here are current champ and club record holder Christopher Charalambous and esteemed regular Andrew Potter. These two met each other quite by chance in the close season . . . in a car park in Berwick-upon-Tweed. It sounds like a scene from Get Carter but they went on amicably to share a northern pie in the stands at Berwick Speedway. Such is the mystic bond between fellow practitioners.

Denise Rouse helped to kick off our 19th Season in the very pink of the mode, at the same time adding some much-needed feminine leavening to this company of doughboys.

The be-brollied young lady on the far right brought a splash of Latin colour to the show. Her name is Simona Perfetti and she was seeking the authentic taste of traditional London during her visit to Blighty. I strove hard to ensure her culinary expectations remained firmly at sea-level.

It was satisfying to see a young historian so close to epicentre of such historical activity. Ben Hayes, a comrade of some ten years, was sporting a look which defied convenient categorisation: how about the urban hipstorian?

Chris Charalambous took advantage of the upstairs refectory in order to give full elbow expression to his generous order.

'Charry charry pie
Paint your pallet black and brown
Look down on a dinner plate
With pies that know that beef mince is my goal'

—Don Maclean's original opener for 'Vincent'. In the end he changed it for something more painterly, but a meal like this probably inspired his 1971 classic LP 'American Pie'.

Mike Goldwater gives the Clark's composition his upturned thumb. His zesty cohort Edward Mosse offers chest-thumping approval. Or it could have been an eel bone.

An illustrious trio from the Farnham area expounded expansively in the rear dining room. The creative brains behind Dave Pead [centre] and Mike Millard [right] were joined by their celebrated local publican Peter Moore [left] — the first time we have been honoured with the presence of a bona fide landlord. Peter is master and commander of the Prince of Wales in Farnborough, wherein a CAMRA-approved selection of English Ales is always available, and inspiration never runs dry.

Having enjoyed his first fixture, Peter must surely be thinking about adding the ambrosial scoff to the menu board back home.

From Friday 12th until Sun 14th October, The Prince of Wales, Farnborough is hosting its famous annual beer festival.

Paul Grice was eager for top-notch nourishment after a gruelling London-to-Brighton bike ride the previous weekend. According to Paul, advancing age and years of abuse rode their diabolical tandem close to his rear mudguard in the latter stages of the 40-miler. However, a regular diet of optimal nutrition should keep the pedals turning to his advantage for many seasons to come.

Paul, a keen observer of office and corporate life, noted that a striped short-sleeved sports shirt such as this is now perfectly acceptable for dress-down Friday.

Il piatto perfetto de Perfetti. I do believe she enjoyed it!

The cheese course followed.

Scenes from elsewhere in the shop:

[Above] Pat finds time for a break after the rush hour.

[Right] A bevy of glamorous young people in the booth behind us demonstrate that pie and mash is conducive to dental and mental health.

[Below] Chas takes a break from below stairs to pause for a post-pie chat with Mike G.

The remnants of the company gathered on the pavement outside for the customary photocall. Whence was espied this conveyance, presumably parked to transport a large takeout order to St Pancras. High speed pies to Paris?

On thy bike.

St@tford Velodrome