Season 2009-2010CLARK'S; 46 Exmouth Market, Finsbury
(4 pts)
(4 pts)
(3 pts)
(2 pts)
(1 pts)
NICK EVANS1131012020
LUKE ROBERTS1121021717
ALAN TERRY1022021616
TERRY CECIL1022021616
BEN HAYES1022011515
JASON SHARP1022011515
SCOTT CECIL1022011515
ALAN SMITH1111011212
EDWARD MOSSE1021011212
THOMAS KRAFT1021011212
TONY CHUNG1021011212

The header pic shows a structure made entirely of cardboard tubes on the South Bank. Described on its accompanying plaque as 'extrodinary', one can only assume this is the final destination for Royal Mail's backlog.

A 6-man team with ravening appetites travelled from SE1 to Exmouth Market atop the 341 omnibus, among them two promising newcomers, Luke Roberts and Dominic Mattos.

A cloth cap bedizenned with buttons and beads greeted us outside Clark's Pie Shop. Said titfer was placed squarely on the loaf of 'Honorary Cockney' Anthony Ruello, who earned his pearly prince status through iron-willed dedication to Pies and to the Hammers last season. The festoonment was an affectionate needle-and-thread tribute from his pie rival Mister Sharp.

Terence Cecil came forth from the interior of the shop to mock us with his clean plate. It was a pleasure to see his cheery boat-race again after a long working exile in Surrey. Terry and son Scott were eager to get points on the board ahead of their absent chum Potter, who came in joint sixth last term.

The dear ladies of Clark's. Their unflappable service is a delight and inspiration in this time-impoverished age in which we live.

Charlie and Ben. Ben took the edge off his appetite by devouring a plimsoll.

If they finish everything on their plates they might grow up to be just like this chap, Alan Terry. I can't tell if that's chilli vinegar or Coca Cola Zero Tolerance flooding his platter, but whichever one it is the man has considerable 'pep'.

Season 09-10 sees a change in the club's scoring system. The eel is marked down from 5 points to 4, in a bid to conserve stocks of the endangered species and highly-prized delicacy. Notorious 'eel barons' Graham Darlow and Tom Leader were absent on this occasion, and I am hoping the scheme will make for a much closer competition this year.

Digestion causes pause for thought, and possible rearrangement of one's waistband for maximum comfort . . .

or rearrangement of one's facial features in some cases.

The Chungster appears to be posing for a spot-the-pie competition, whilst the youngster Roberts relaxes with his Ben Shaw's cloudy lemonade.

It was a glorious afternoon much the same as the final day of last season, so to walk past the Exmouth Arms without stopping would have been unseemly.

Pie of the beholder.

During a summer of frisbee-flinging fun, our associate D. Bouquet of London E6 discovered the amazing link between said flying object and the comestible delight that is the pie. In the late 1800s the Frisbie Pie Company of Connecticut sold its pies in a shallow tin which, disgorged of its contents and upturned, made a remarkably aerodynamic throwing device.

See Wikipedia for more.

Yours frisbily, St@