Season 2008-2009CLARK'S; 46 Exmouth Market, Finsbury
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NICK EVANS1121011717
ANDY POTTER1022011515
EDWARD MOSSE1021011212
JOHN LEACH1021011212
SCOTT CECIL1021011212
TERRY CECIL1021011212
ANTO MORRA10110188
BEN HARVEY10110188
JACK MOSSE10110188
TED BATTS10110188

Our leader picture shows Ted Batts in 'refective' mood. There aren't many who can balance a hot pie with a Ben Shaws cloudy lemonade, but Ted is a picture of pacific composure.

Look at these two — what a nourishing family portrait! The saying goes, 'Blood is thicker than water', but where o where does liquor come in the scheme of things? The Cecils could well be the Waltons of Pie and Mash.

Terry got in touch via the internet, and brought along his son Scott to enjoy Clark's tasty vittles. Being a Sarf Londoner, he has already offered his opinion on many of P-n-M's colourful customs, not least of which is the whole 'Spoons-only versus Knives and Forks' issue. The picture gives you a clue as to his stance. My suggestion of a customised spoon which would reside in his waistcoat pocket like an old-fashioned fob watch has met with enthusuiastic approval; he's already dreaming upsomething in silver adorned with the Cecil Family Crest.

Terry's mate Andy was there too, although he was carrying a dreadful injury to his boat race. Something he has had since birth. [Terry's words, not mine — St@]. Andy's trendy spiked coiff is achieved with 'East End Gel' [see pic far right]. Packed with barnet-nutrients and coming soon to a Street Market near you.

Here's another fresh physog, me old china plate Anto Morra, down from the wastes of East Anglia on an unannounced visit. My cockles were warmed to see him again, and being the 'Plastic Paddy', he knew how to handle a spud to be sure, to be sure. The velvet-voiced Gaelic crooner has a mySpace, er, space [click here] and his combo is famed the length and breadth of Norfolk.

On the far right is a nice snap of our faithful friend from Feltham, Mister John Leach, seen here enjoying a cosy cuppa. Dave R-K is peering over John's cup [that's peering, not peeing]. In fact this was just half-time for the table topper, as he went back for afters when the 'second wave' arrived late, straight outta Hampstead. Sadly I have no pictorial evidence, but Dave invigilated on my behalf and I have since cross-checked his stat's with the various denizens of the Mosse household.

Exmouth Market was having a French Fancy Market. It was un beau jour for it, though the tricolour hung limp. I was gladdened to see the George's Flag a-flutter on Fleet Street; perhaps a keen vexillologist out there will be able to identify that emblem in the top right corner?

Father Thames from the top of the 341. There's a nice reflection in the top right corner.