Season 2006-2007PETER'S; 91 Watney Street, Shadwell,
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Ben Hayes and myself arrived some 70 years and 19 days too late for the Cable Street Riots, but this leather-clad hooligan looks like he might have rolled up his newspaper and swatted a few of Oswald Mosley's Nazi Blackshirts. And who could have blamed him? The procession of hungry fascists reached Shadwell where they caused a severe shortage of pies. Local residents, joined by communists, trade unionists and Labour activists from all over Britain responded angrily, but Watney Street was a bit narrow for a bundle so they had it round the corner instead.

This is Pete of 'Peter's' fame. Three and half long years have passed since last we saw him, and we had but a fleeting glimpse of the charismatic chef as he was catering for a school trip to Cable Street Fire Station. As you can see from the numerous chalkboards there's so much more to his operation than just pies and mash, but we were grateful to him for 'laying on a few extra eels' for our visit.

For sheer variety and quality of fare, Pete's has an international reputation. (See supporting bumf by clicking here). As Matthew Lowing noted somewhat acerbically, 'three Japanese tourists can't be wrong'. In case you missed it, this establishment is about honest-to-goodness value for money, though the chalky smudges on this blackboard could be evidence of recent inflation.

However, and lest ye forget, the Pie and Mash Club is about pies, mash, eels and liquor. So let's have no further aguments about chips and bubble — it's pointless. As you can see from the illustration on the far right the liquor was a viridescent inspiration. You could almost say it was like tucking into a steaming plate of English countryside.

After-options were narrowed to a choice of one but my prayers were answered, for it was JRP plus piping hot custard. The close up reveals at least four layers of jam'n'sponge delight to slice through with the edge of one's spoon.

Truly a just dessert, and best washed down with a 50p cup of tea.

Jodie (left) and Arleen (right), were our genial hostesses on this occasion. They catered to our every whim, almost as if our safety and comfort were their prime concern. The only thing missing was the seat buckles, safety demonstration and sick bags. It doesn't take much to imagine these two lovelies decked out in grey and orange uniforms and pushing a trolley of hot pies down the aisle at 38,000 feet. Come on Mister Easy Jet, we want pies in the skies, not cheese and ham triangles!